Technical Skills: - Python - Linux - BurpSuite - Wireshark - Arduino - Drone Building - Cloud

Cloud QA Software Automation Engineer @ Palo Alto Networks
- Created a Recurrent Neural Network with 99.7% accuracy to detect and analyze failures in automation framework test runs. - Built a tool to automate filing tickets to Jira whenever test failures are classified as product defects. - Utilized Python Flask and TensorFlow Serving to update the dataset, retrain and host the model, and return predictions over HTTP. - Integrated tool into Jenkins to complete the test framework CI/CD pipeline.
Endpoint Security IT Intern @ Symantec
- Automated CIS Hardening verification procedures across 10,000+ Windows endpoints using Powershell. - Developed a web application using Python, AWS and Azure API’s to compare usage costs between cloud platforms, resulting in over 100K in annual savings. - Created a Python script to parse improperly encoded PDF’s.
Freelance Debate Coach/Judge
- Coached multiple award-winning debate teams on topics including: domestic immigration policy, carbon restrictions, and Chinese economic/diplomatic engagement. - Taught a wide variety of complex arguments relying on concepts from Offensive Realism, Nietzchean Ethic’s, and Psychoanalytical Theories.